Workplace safety training and employee induction programs

– OSHA Health and Safety training Videos, DVDs training course manuals and support materials.

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Access a comprehensive collection of workplace health and safety training videos.

Our products cover all aspects of occupational health and safety and have incredibly versatile options for delivery.

Educating your employees on proper occupational health and safety procedures will ensure your workplace is safe and productive. Workplace safety is the most important aspect of a well-run business. Our training courses will demonstrate the importance of proper occupational health and safety to your employees and help you create a culture of safe work practices.

OSHA DVDs, Video and Safety Training Courses.

We have devised a suit of training videos that cover all aspects of workplace health and safety. Our courses are applicable to the office and to the factory, covering areas such as electrical and fire safety, hazardous materials in accordance with the requirements of WHMIS and behavioural safety.

Our course delivery is versatile, allowing your employees to access our occupational health and safety videos as individuals, or for the material to presented to a larger group in a seminar setting.

Montie – our full suite of safetycare safety training video`s and dvd`s.

Montie is one of our most versatile products, and allows occupational health and safety training courses to be delivered according to your requirements. Once installed on your company`s server, Montie can be accessed by any computer that is part of your network and can be accessed offline.

SafetyHub – A Full workplace health and safety training and management system

SafetyHub is cross platform software that can be accessed on smart phones, tablets and computers. It can track the results of your employees and is suitable for small and large scale workplace health and safety seminars. It is designed to integrate with your company`s current informative handouts including your induction videos and HR material.

Your employees can access SafetyHub on their personal devices or on company computers. SafetyHub can be presented as a seminar or an individual learning experience.