Safety Training DVDs and Videos for Canadian Workplaces
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Safetycare Inc. produces Occupational, Health and Safety DVDs and videos for Canadian Workplaces. Our OHS videos are a perfect safety training tool for training sessions and safety induction meetings. Using our Comprehensive Training Course Manuals in conjunction with our safety training DVDs, will allow you the trainer, to run an extremely effective OSH training course.
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Safetycare provide Occupational Safety and Health Training Videos and DVD's for use in the Canadian workplace

Safetycare CCOHS Videos, DVD's, training course materials bring to attention the hazards present in Canadian workplaces.

Safetycare Occupational Health and Safety training programs are available on Video and DVD and are training programs specially designed with Safety, health and injury prevention in the workplace, approved by all CCOHS Canadian standards. Hazards in the workplace account for a staggering number of workplace injuries every year, most of which are preventable with an awareness of the dangers. Call Safetycare now and make your workplace a safer place to work.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

In line with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Occupational Health and safety training ensures that employees are trained in the most relevant and up to date procedures to ensure they remain as safe as possible in their particular workplace environment.
Safetycare Health and Safety training courses include Video's, DVD's, posters and Literature to run comprehensive Health and Safety training and induction seminars for all your staff.

WHMIS Training

Safetycare's WHMIS Training Video's, DVD's and workplace training materials provides employees with training to recognise and understand the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS training includes education through Video's, DVD's and posters which can be placed around the workplace to aid understanding of the symbols and controlled products covered by WHMIS. It also teaches employees the roles and responsibilities they will have when interacting with the controlled substances.

What is WHMIS ?

WHMIS is Canada's system of control and categorisation for hazardous substances. Its key elements include the labelling of products to distinguish the particular hazard they pose, such as whether or not they are flammable, corrosive or a biohazard.

Health and Safety Training DVD's, Video's and Safety Training Course Manuals

Health and safety training involves the way employees interact with their workplace. Occupational health and safety requirements cover the typical office environment as well as workplaces possessing heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals.
Safetycare provides office and workplace health and safety training programs in the form of Video's, DVD's, posters, literature, manuals and materials to be used in seminars. Designed specifically for fun and high retention, make a difference in your workplace.

HSE Training

Canadian Health, safety and environment training covers safety and well-being of employees in the workplace. HSE training instructs workers on the correct procedures in regards to areas such as occupational hygiene, medicine, chemistry and the workplace in general.

Through the use of Video's, DVD's, posters posted around the workplace in dangerous areas and seminars, Safetycare safety training products aim to promote worker and employee safety in every workplace.

Behavioural Safety Training DVD's and Video's

For a work place to be as risk free as possible, the employees must take an active role in regards to safety. Behavioural safety training ensures that workers understand why they are being asked to follow the procedures, to know the risks they face if they don't follow the correct safety procedures and to realise that unsafe behaviour for the benefit of saved time or comfort is not worth the risk of a serious injury.

Manual Handling training Video's and DVD's

Correct manual handling techniques are essential for employees to understand, as improper manual handling techniques can lead to severe permanent or long term injuries.

Correct manual handling techniques are one of the best ways to avoid a serious injury in the workplace. Canada has strict procedures that should be followed to ensure that injuries resulting from poor Manual Handling techniques are avoided whenever possible, as injuries caused by improper manual handling techniques can last a lifetime.

Research has proven that techniques such as manual handling are most effective when demonstrated via a visual aid such as DVD's and Video's, allowing employees to replicate the techniques observed.

Confined Space Safety Training

A confined space in the workplace is a physically restrictive area with limited means of entry that is not designed for continuous occupancy but has enough room for a person to enter and perform a task in. A confined space is a high risk environment that requires particular training to be able to work in with as little risk as possible. When working in a confined space, workers face hazards such as asphyxiation, poisoning, fires, potential cave-ins and floods. Because of this, for a worker to be deemed Entry Certified, they must undergo the proper health and safety training program to ensure they know the correct safety procedures and required equipment to minimise risk.

Safetycare can provide you with all the Health and Safety Training DVD's, Video's, Posters and literature to run your Confined Space health and safety training seminar and training sessions.

Fire Safety Training and awareness

Safetycare's Fire Safety Training Video's and DVD's cover the correct procedures for employees to follow when faced with a fire in the workplace. This includes the correct usage of fire extinguishers, as using the incorrect class for a particular fire can cause the fire to spread or even result in electrocution of the operator. Also covered are correct evacuation procedures, and the responsibilities employees have in regards to the safety of themselves and others should a fire occur.

Keeping employees up to date in regards to Fire safety procedures is essential in keeping the workplace safe, as fire extinguishers must be maintained regularly and their mechanisms are often updated to be more effective or fail-safe.

Forklift safety Training Videos' and DVD's for the Factory Floor and warehouse

Forklifts can be an essential piece of machinery in many workplace environments. It is important that employees working in and around forklifts understand the correct safety procedures that should be followed to ensure the risk of an injury inducing incident is minimal. There are many factors that can lead to a high level of risk when around forklifts, and the correct safety training can help drivers to identify hazards and use the machinery correctly.

Safetycare have a full range of health and safety training Video's, DVD's, posters and training program literature which will alert your staff to the dangers of Forklift safety training.

Risk Assessment techniques

Risk Assessment training aims to teach employees how to identify potential hazards in the workplace, and the consequences a potential hazard may result in. Sometimes risk can be unavoidable in the workplace, so it is important that employees can calculate the potential consequences as accurately as possible.

Safetycare's Risk Assessment training Video's and DVD's aim to make your place of work safer to be around by increasing awareness of the Risks involved in any environment.

Office Safety Training Video's and DVD's

Workplaces containing dangerous machinery or hazardous chemicals are not the only environments where health and safety procedures are important. Health and Safety training in the office is just as important. Poor habits and practices in the workplace can lead to serious and prolonged injuries. Understanding the proper health and safety procedures for handling electrical equipment such as computers, correct lifting techniques and avoiding repetitive strain movements that can cause RSI or back injuries are all important elements needed for any workplace health and safety training program to improve safety in the workplace.

Health and Safety Training Course DVD's, Videos and Training materials

Health and safety requirements for Canada must be adhered to strictly to ensure a workplace remains as hazard free as possible. Health and Safety covers a broad but important area, thus the training to correctly prepare employees properly must be comprehensive and cater to specific workplaces.

Safetycare's Health and Safety Training DVD's, Video's, Health and Safety Training Manuals and materials aim to instruct employees on the safest way to interact with their particular workplace. Employees are taught how to assess risks, handle hazardous substances and deal with hazards such as fires or confined spaces.

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Safetycare's Occupational Health and Safety DVDs and videos are relevant to Canadian workplaces and cover many OHS issues including Manual Handling, Behavioural Safety, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Understanding Hazards and Risks, Slips Trips and Falls, Workplace Housekeeping, Forklift and Crane Safety, WHMIS, Transportations of Dangerous Goods, PPE etc.